Welcome to Groovy Pooch & Co.

Groovy Pooch & Co. is a dog accessory brand located in Toronto, Canada that is all about creating unique items for dogs and their owners. Our mission is to bring positivity to anyone who wears or meets a dog in Groovy Pooch & Co. gear. With fun, retro inspired patterns and designs that still appeal to the modern dog owner, there is a 100% chance you will smile when you lay your eyes on one of their groovy products. A dog is much more than just a dog, they bring happiness, and warmth into your life, and as such, they deserve to be celebrated, with gear that makes them stand out from the pack. 

meet the owner

Hi, I'm Sarah.

In 2020, during the pandemic, as with many, I was struggling with anxiety, and loneliness. In an attempt to get out of the house, I booked a camping trip at a nearby campground, not knowing what to expect. I quickly fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle, especially walking and hiking. On that camping trip, I saw someone hiking with their Frenchie. On that day, I knew I would have a Frenchie of my own. 

A few months later, I took home Willow, the most adorable Frenchie. I soon realized that this dog brought so much into my life. I was happier, in great shape physically and mentally, and feeling artistically inspired. 

When I began shopping for Willow’s walking accessories, I struggled to find something that represented how I felt about owning a dog, and how I felt about Willow. 

There was nothing that matched my vision of walking down the street, wind blowing in my hair, sunnies on, not a care in the world, Willow waddling past all the other dogs, heads turning as they walked by. There were no accessories that would make someone stop and say, “Now that’s a Groovy Pooch”, and naturally that’s when Groovy Pooch began. 

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