About Us

Like many, I became a first time dog owner during the COVID pandemic. I had always dreamed about getting a dog, a companion, and finally found the opportunity in 2021. Willow and I instantly became best friends ... she truly changed my life in so many ways. All my inspiration for the brand comes from my dog. As I began the dog mom lifestyle, I was online shopping for dog accesories and couldn't find any that suited me or Willow. I wanted something that expressed happiness and something that would stop people on the streets. As an artist, I love creating, and so I designed my first patterns, and thought of the brand name. All I imagined when designing was walking down the streets of Toronto, with sunglasses, wind in my hair, Willow galloping beside me, as we made our way to the local pet store. I couldn't find any words other than "groovy" to describe that dream ... and so Groovy Pooch & Co. was born, in August 2021.