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Flower Power Walking Set

Flower Power Walking Set

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This harness pattern was designed by hand. Inspired by the retro floral patterns of the 60s, a decade of freedom, love and positive vibes. You will feel the power of the flowers when you go for a walk in this groovy set.

Set includes adjustable harness, leash and poop bag.

Adjustable harness is made with a soft mesh and neoprene for ultimate comfort for your groovy pooch. Both neck and chest areas are adjustable. Leash attachment located on back side.

Comfort Grip Leash is 4 ft long. Includes a padded handle to prevent discomfort when gripping leash.

Poop Bag Holder can fit a roll of poop bags and small treats. Has a clasp that attaches to the leash.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash with cold water and let air dry.

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