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Groovy in Pink - Biothane Multi Way Leash

Groovy in Pink - Biothane Multi Way Leash

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Length and Width
Metal Hardware

 The Biothane multi way leash comes with snap hooks on both ends of the leash, and an adjustable O-ring … which means there will be no traditional handle. Rather, you can customize the length and style of the leash, by attaching one of the snap hooks to your dog, and the other snap hook to the adjustable O -ring. 

Ways to wear:

  1. Cross Body
  2. Around the Waist
  3. Traditional Handle

The leash comes in 6.5, or7.5 foot length. Not sure which length to get? Start by measuring your cross body length. Add that measurement to the desired length of leash that you’d want your dog to have (4ft, 5ft, or 6ft) PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR MEASUREMENT WHEN WEARING A WINTER JACKET IF APPLICABLE. 


Traffic Handle - The traffic handle is the perfect add-on for moments when you do need to use your hands to keep your dog close to you (traffic crossing, passing people or dogs on the street, training purposes). 

Features hand painted designs made with waterproof, sealed leather paint that will not crack, peel or fade. 

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